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Sometimes you get to build a studios that you know will be the envy of all who visit. The Temple is a fine example of the SW working with local builders and local materials, to create a no-compromise facility in a remote location, with the very best possible acoustic facilities and an attention to fine detail seldom found in the Pro Audio industry.

2 Studios, set on a glorious private bay in NW Malta. The Temple is "a shrine to recording excellence" (ProSound news), and offers full residential facilities, with massive live and control rooms, together with (in studio1) a state of the art Neve V with full automation, two Otari MTR90's, Protools HD 2x Soundscape HDR's Genelec 1038 monitors with separate machine room, stone drum room, vocal booth.

How many other studios offer warm sea swimming only 20 paces from the front door?

Massive keyboard area adjoins the Control room proper, allowing much more freedom of movement than a more conventional layout.

Main booth has views of the bay, with a massive LEDE design for tracking of orchestral proportions! Two adjoining rooms - the Stone Drum booth and a dead acoustic Vocal booth complete the Studio1 layout.

Studio2: a fully automated Trident 90 / Fostex 32tk / Protools Hard Disk system in studio 2 offering a lower cost alternative for tracking etc.

David Vella, owner says: "The studios are a realisation of my long term ambition to put Malta on the recording map with a fine facility to rival the very best in the world, SW have helped me to turm this dream into a stunning reality!"

Temple Studios tel +356 574833, fax +356 577905 email Studiomanager@templestudios.com


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