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This is a great new service to help you get your studio sounding brilliant - almost instantly!  

We visit your facility - analyse the room using our computer kit and calculate exactly what treatments are required - including wall mounted HF & Custom, Tuned LF(bass) trapping! A few days later along come our studio build team to fit the treatments!  All for a fixed price of only £2950!*

OK - Here’s the Details:

So, what does your money buy?  Well it buys a site visit by our main man Howard Turner, with a computer analysis of the LF performance of the room and a general visual analysis of the monitoring layout.  Weaknesses will be identified and a program of improvements laid out.  After this a treatment program will be prescribed comprising six 1200x600 High frequency traps and two 1200x1200 bass traps custom built and tuned to hit the major axial modes that your room is generating.  For most average sized (say 2.5-3.5 x 3.5-4.5 m) control rooms this will be sufficient to bring the RT down to levels where it is no longer an issue, as well as tempering the main LF modes to a point where the perception of bass is significantly improved.

Of course in certain cases more remedial work may be advisable, and we will be happy to prescribe on this as part of the advice, however, in our experience, these treatments will lift an untreated room to the point that it is now possible to mix, where before it was just not trustworthy.

*The fixed £2950 price is for facilities within 200 miles of our base in Norfolk.  This includes most of the UK.  Outside this area, a small ‘at cost’ charge will be applied to cover our additional travel expenses.  We are also happy to travel much further to offer this service at cost - Indeed we have recently travelled as far as deepest South America to ‘fix rooms’ like this!

As Howard says: ‘The bottom line is - I will not create a room I would not be prepared to work in myself’ so rest assured the outcome will be the very best possible!

Feel free to call Howard on +44 (0)7803 666789 to discuss your requirements - we are sure you will not be disappointed...